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Our original, patented, “real time” bow torque indicator Square Up will not take the archer and especially the bow hunter, many shots to realize the disadvantage he or she had without it!

The Square-Up provides the shooter a real time reference in his sight picture to recognize and correct his or her riser torque before the shot. The ability to see the bows torque and square the riser to the sweet spot on the center position will make every shooter more consistent and in most cases will result in dramatic increase in effective range. The increase in accuracy will instill confidence and will result in more, well placed shots, shorter blood trails and more recovered game. It will also answer some of the nagging thoughts and questions we have as bow hunters regarding those blown shot opportunities of the past. Bow riser torque is the most common shooting error and until you have the ability to see it and correct it; it is a phantom that will haunt us and usually at the most inopportune times. This product will work for every bow and arrow set up. Also you will find that the product is simple and effective even in low light situations. Our product will work with or without the peep sight.

We stand behind our product. It is American made and will be as long as we are building it. We guarantee it free from defects in material and workmanship. Also we would love to hear about your experiences and your adventures so send us your photos and your testimonies and stay in touch.

God Bless You,

Mike Scaniffe, President & CEO


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picture The Square-Up instantly helps you correct any torque you are applying to the you an excellent reference, shot after shot." "I won't shoot another bow without one."

Scott R. Bledsoe - Mossy Oak ProStaff

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